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NobleQuest Ride-Along Registration

Noble Quest is a fundraising venture for the Kids Cancer Care Foundation which involves Sean, Ryan, Rob and Justin Noble riding motorcycles from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The ride will take place from May 6th to June 6th, 2007. They intend to break the current Guinness record for this ride which is currently set at 35 days. They are inviting others to Ride-Along with them. Ride-Along participants are encouraged to pursue a goal of $1.00 in pledges for each kilometer they ride. (For our American friends that's $1.60 per mile!)

Riders obtaining $450+ in donations will be added to the Kids Cancer Care site where they will be able to accept more pledges online. (email us once you have achieved this goal)

Riders interested in joining with us can download a pledge form here.
Registration forms for offline registration can be downloaded here, and either emailed to us, or snail-mailed in to the address in the contact section, or faxed to 403.343.9293 c/o Sean Noble.

The section of the ride from the Canadian Border at Coutts, Alberta to the City of Red Deer (450 km) is particularly ideal for Ride-Along participants. They can join the Nobles as they arrive at the Noble Quest Rally on June 2nd, 2007 at the Capri Hotel parking lot.

Motorcycle Make/Model/Year:
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Where do you wish to Start:
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Participants will voluntarily participate in the NobleQuest Ride-Along. Participants will take part in this event based on their own assessment of their abilities. Routes will traverse roads and highways and NobleQuest is not responsible for the condition of these roads and highways, nor is NobleQuest responsible for the actions of the Ride-Along participants. Regardless of state or provincial laws, NobleQuest urges participants to wear a helmet and other appropriate safety apparel. NobleQuest also urges participants to receive professional instructions before operating a motorcycle. NobleQuest does not provide medical insurance. NobleQuest urges participants not to operate a motorcycle without adequate medical coverage. If participants have any doubts about their personal ability to participate in this event, if they have not adequately prepared themselves and their equipment, if they question the condition of public highways, or if they believe their personal insurance coverage is not adequate to compensate them for any loss that may occur, NobleQuest urges them to not participate in this event. NobleQuest assumes no responsibility for the safety of the Ride-Along participants.

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