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Guinness Rules for the Pan-American Journey by Motorcycle

First of all, it should be clear right from the start that Guinness no longer recognizes this or any other motorized endurance travel record:

"Records for driving between two cities, across continents, around countries, around the world etc. in the least amount of time are essentially races against the clock. You will understand that we simply cannot endorse records that encourage driving at ever-increasing speeds on public roads. For this reason we no longer recognize any records that involve driving against the clock on public roads in motorized vehicles of any kind (this includes motorcycles and vehicles with a theoretical upper speed limit)."

Nevertheless, the record of Kevin and Julia Sanders stands at 35 days for having accomplished this feat in 2003. See the 2004 Guinness record book. Although we can never officially own this record we believe we can abide by all of the same rules established by Guinness and do this trip in less time than did Kevin and Julia.

The rules, as set by Guinness, are:

  • The route chosen must include Dead Horse, Alaska, USA and Panama City, Panama in North America and Cartagena, Columbia and Ushuaia, Argentina in South America.
  • Time runs from the departure at either Dead Horse or Ushuaia until the arrival at the other.
  • The rider must use the same motorcycle throughout the journey.
  • No moving traffic violations are permitted throughout the journey.
  • A log must be maintained which includes photographic and written details regarding date, time and mileage for each day's journey.
  • Two independent witnesses must sign the log each day.
  • At the conclusion of the journey the completed log must be notarized by two independent parties verifying the accuracy of the log.

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